Rogers, Texas

Today was our last day in Texas. Ashley drove us to the little one stop light town of Rogers, Texas where her kids go to school. She drove us  around and showed us the kids schools and then took us to a few little antique stores to do a little shopping.  All these stores are so cool looking, I was thinking If I lived here I would definitely get my family pictures taken here, so I made sure we took a few pics, I am sure the kids were getting totally sick of me taking pictures by now, but they totally did it anyways, they are such troopers!


I wasn’t planning on finding anything but when we walked into the first store they had  cowboy boots on sale. I was super excited because I have always wanted a pair of cowboy boots ever since I could remember, but my sensible side of me knows they wont be something I would wear very often so the thought of spending a ton of money on something that would only be worn a few times always made me think better of it. Well I found me a pair and that just made my day! I was so happy!! I have officially found my new happy boots!!! YEE HAW!!


After our shopping, we relaxed a bit then decided to go get an ice cream cake and some Mexican food to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday. He was going to be driving home on his actual birthday  so we thought we should celebrate a little early. Good times!



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