Things I learned and will miss in Texas

I had such a good time visiting my sister and her cute little family! I learned a lot this trip, one of the things I learned was that living on a farm is hard work, and having the perfect house is not a requirement for true happiness. These kids work hard, they have their inside chores and their outside chores and everyone is included, even the 4-year-old and 5-year-old had chores. It made me feel kind of stupid now looking back on how I raised my boys, I did everything myself because I wanted it done a certain way, I learned that I probably didn’t do my boys any favors by doing that, but luckily for me they are good hard workers anyways… but doing yard work or cleaning up in the house isn’t their strong suits for sure! 😛


yes I felt a little guilty sitting there watching her vacuum while we were all relaxing, I totally wanted to help her out but I resisted the urge.

I learned that taking care of farm animals is a lot of work, they were constantly checking on, feeding and watering these animals. A few of their animals died while we were there and the kids took care of it like it was no big deal and really seemed to understand life and death a lot better than some adults I know.


I also learned that I think a lot of animals are so cute, but it’s the smells that keep me from ever wanting to own any of them! They actually got a box of ducklings delivered while I was there… who knew you could get a package of ducks?? They were so dang cute, but a few days later I went to look at them in the barn and I couldn’t even go in because the smell was so strong… so ya, I am definitely not a farm girl!


I learned that Snap Chat isn’t all bad, especially supervised Snap Chat, it can entertain 5 kids, all different ages for hours! Everyday they would ask to play on it and we would play for a little bit and then when it was time to shut it down there was no fits or begging for more time, it was very refreshing.







Most of all I am going to miss all the loves and hugs! I got lots of kisses and hugs and drawings and all kinds of fun talks with these kids. One day I was getting ready for the day and the three young girls came in and started watching me put on my make up. They started asking “why are you putting skin color paint on your face?” I had to think for a minute because I never really stopped to ask why I do it, I just do it! But I said to make myself look pretty and one of them said, you already look pretty without it. Yes that melted my heart. I will definitely miss them!


But last but not least I will miss my sister. We are 13 years apart, but I feel super close to her despite the fact that we grew up with two totally different family experiences. I can remember taking her to the bus stop on her first day of kindergarten(my parents where out-of-town and I was babysitting) I always thought it was so much fun to take care of her, it was never a chore. It’s Crazy for me to think that she was just a little girl Lexie’s age when I got married! I have always loved my baby sister. It’s so crazy to see her all grown up and raising her own kids now and it was fun to see the life she has made for herself in Texas. I loved our late night talk where we stayed up til 3am and I love how we have so much in common despite the age difference… It probably helps that I am super immature 😛


Thanks for an Awesome week Ash, I hope to come back soon! Love Y’all! 🙂


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