Lexie’s Baptism

The main reason I went to Texas was to be there for my niece Lexie’s baptism. She was pretty funny, she kept saying how nervous she was, Doug and I were talking to her and saying its not scary, and I asked her what is she afraid of the most? and her answer made me laugh because I feel exactly the same in most situations, she said, “I dont like everyone looking at me”. I totally get that! I told her it would be super short and If I could live through it she could too. Another funny thing about her saying that is Lexie does not come across as shy or quiet by any means, and she seems to love to be the center of attention,  I told her that and she says,” well I am fine at home”, it’s just when I am around other people. Again, I totally get that, I feel the exact same way! Crazy how much I have in common with this little 8 year old. LOL

Lexie’s baptism was probably the shortest baptism I have ever been to, It was over and done with in less that 25 minutes! I couldn’t believe it! That is exactly how I like it, short and sweet and straight to the point! I was super impressed with Alia, she was in charge of playing the music on the piano and she did an awesome job, again, i am totally impressed by these kids. They are all so smart and talented, sweet and loving. It really isn’t hard to spend time with them.




After the baptism we headed over to eat at a place called Miller’s Smokehouse In Belton, Texas. It was some really yummy Texas BBQ, I wish I had room to try a dessert but I was so  full after my rack of ribs and yummy corn bread!


what a great day! I am so glad Doug and I were able to be a part of it!


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