Buc-cee’s Gas Station

Ashley knows Doug all too well, she kept saying when Doug flies in we will visit Buc-Cee’s gas station. It’s not just any gas station it is a gas station on steroids! You see Doug loves going inside the gas stations to get himself a drink and a treat,  It really bothered me when we were first married because we didn’t have money for those extra expensive treats! I would always say, why go into a convenience store to get a drink that will cost you twice as much as at the grocery store??, and he just didn’t get my frustrations. I never go inside a gas station, I pump my gas and go my merry way, to Doug it’s an experience of some sort. So Ashley knew this about him and was excited to show him Buc-cee’s.

Well she wasn’t kidding, this place is HUGE! I’m not sure but I swear there was a pump labeled 248 or something like that, and it seemed that every single pump had a car at it. The convenience store was like a mini mall! It had food, clothes, treats, drinks, and some of the cleanest bathrooms you will ever experience in a gas station. So yep we had a good time in the old Buc-cee’s. I am pretty glad we don’t have one here though, because we spent almost $40 on our gas station treats!



They aren’t kidding when they say everything is bigger in Texas!


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