Austin, Texas

My sister is a superstar, she lives about an hour and 15 minutes away from Austin and ended up driving there four different times to pick up and drop us off at the Austin Airport. When we went to pick up Doug from the airport we decided to take a Duck tour before we had to pick him up, to break up all the driving we were doing. I have seen these Duck tours in all kinds of different places I have visited and have always wanted to go on one.

Duck boats can drive on land as well as float in the water, I mean how cool is that?!  We got to see and hear all about downtown Austin and check out Lake Austin. This was the perfect outing that kept both the kids and us adults entertained! I am not going to lie, I was secretly happy when I found out the duck whistles weren’t just for the kids, yup I am a huge kid at heart and you better believe quacking a duck whistle at random strangers while on this tour was very fun for me! LOL







ya it doesn’t take much to entertain this girl! Haha


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