Waco, Texas

We decided to take a trip to Waco to check out the famous Magnolia Market and The Dr. Pepper Museum. But before we did either of those we had to eat at Torchy’s taco’s! I had heard Ashley talk about Torchy’s before so I was excited to try them for myself and I was not disappointed! These pictures are awful, I have a hard time remembering to take pics when I am hungry, I always dig in then think oh dang I need to take pictures! LOL… the queso dip and the corn was probably my favorite part, S0sooo good!

After we ate we headed over to the Dr. Pepper museum. I am not a Dr. Pepper fan at all but my earliest memories growing up always include Dr.Pepper, my parents always had a can or bottle next to them every since I can remember! I used to sneak and take a few sips when they weren’t looking. so when I do have a taste of a DP it brings me right back to my childhood. While the museum was interesting, I will say I got a little bored, there is just so much you can say about Dr. Pepper and the fact that I am not a huge fan of it might have something to do with it! LOL



I love this picture of my parents! It might be my favorite picture of them. They are just so cute!

Next we headed over to the Famous Magnolia Market, I was very UN-impressed. It may be because It was probably 100 degrees outside with what felt like 100% humidity when we were there, we were with 5 kids who had just about had it for the day along with my parents who were also slowing down. Or it could be is it was pretty crowded and everything there was over priced or the fact that if I wanted to buy anything at the bakery there was an hour long wait in a line that was outside in the blazing heat! So while I am glad I went and saw it for myself, i dont see any need to go back there and I can check that off my list of things to see while in Texas!

Again I may of thought differently if it was a perfect day out, with no crowds and no little ones to keep happy?? Who knows, but I do know Target has just as cute things at half the price so I don’t feel like I missed out on anything that way. Sorry Chip and Joanna.


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