A month or so ago my sister Ashley text all of us siblings to inform us about my niece Lexie’s baptism. From the moment she sent out that text I felt a prompting that I needed to go. For whatever reason Doug and I bonded with little Lexie from the moment we met her. There is just something special about her, we love all of Ashley’s kids but we joke that Lexie was probably really supposed to be our little girl but we weren’t willing to have more kids in fear of getting another boy, so my youngest sister Ashley had to have her instead! LOL 😛 All jokes aside we love that little girl and would love to be there for her special day But I knew we were going to New Orleans the end of May and I have a cruise planned in July with my good friend Becky and Doug is going to Scotland at the same time, so I just didn’t see how it would be possible.  So I kind of put in on the back burner and went on with life.

As her baptism got closer I didn’t stop thinking of ways I could somehow I could make it. It wasn’t until my sister Ashley text me and said If you come to Lexie’s baptism I will pay for half of your flight, I knew I needed to find a way to go. I wasn’t about to let her pay for my flight, so I started looking up flights and decided to check out my frequent flyer miles and what do you know? I had exactly enough frequent flyer miles to book it! I have never seen Ashley’s house or I should say Farm, so I decided to spend a week and see what Texas and Farm life is all about! I then checked out how I could get Doug down for the weekend so he could be there for the baptism, but not have to miss any work, well sure enough, he had enough frequent flyer miles too! So Yep we took it as a sign and book them!

I am so glad we were able to go, I had a fun week checking out Texas and seeing what it’s like to live the farm life and hanging out with my little sister (and Drew) and their crazy and fun 5 kids, oh Ya let’s not forget my parents, they came down too. It was a really fun week! The next couple of days I will be posting about some of the fun stuff we did while I was there!




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