Summer nights

It’s finally my favorite time of the year! SUMMER!!! When it’s warm outside and the days are long!! I suffer through so many cold months to be able to enjoy these Utah summers, and summer nights are the best in Utah. While it gets nice and toasty in the day, the nights cool off just enough that you want to spend the evenings outside too! The other night Tyler and his girlfriend wanted to roast marshmallows outside in our little fire-pit with us, what a fun and relaxing way to end our day! There is just something about sitting around a fire, for some reason it doesn’t matter if you are in the woods camping or in your own back yard it sparks memories and story telling, it’s always a good time! Of course you can’t have a bad time while roasting marshmallows and making S’more’s! Nothing says summer nights more than that! I am going to try to soak up and enjoy these months as much as I can because they always go by so quickly!



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