Message Board Monday

So I had a few people reply and say that they wanted to see my messages each week, so I am starting Message Board Monday! This weeks Message…


Boy do I need this one! I am the biggest worrier I think there ever is! I worry about so much, and most of it is stuff that I can’t even control If I wanted to! It has taken me MANY years to figure this one out, but I am learning to let go a lot more and know that I can only worry and control my own self… Sure I will always worry about my kids, I think that’s a given, but I am learning that they are all grown up now and are accountable for their own actions and they will eventually figure it all out. It may not be how I would like it to be, but I have faith it will all be OK in the end. Less worrying and more enjoying of life’s  good stuff sounds really good to me right now!



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