Closet/Dressing Room reveal

When Doug asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day or for my Birthday this year I told him I wanted to turn our Guest Room into a Closet. I wasn’t sure how he would react to the idea, but I drew up a very rough sketch of what I was thinking and he was on board! Yay! So for Mother’s Day he bought me all the stuff to make my vision come to life! He built everything for me and it all turned out better than I could even imagine! I love, love, love my new Closet/dressing room! I can’t believe how happy this little room makes me! I feel so lucky to have a man who will put up with all my crazy ideas and makes my dreams become reality! I love him so much!

Here’s my Guest room before…





And Now my closet after….


a little Video of my very own personal space! Sorry about all the moving around Hope you don’t get sick while watching it, I am a terrible videographer! I am a little embarrassed by this video too, I am such a dork. And does everyone hate the way their voice sounds or is it just me??LOL



Best Birthday gift ever! Takes the sting out of turning 48 just a little bit and also makes getting ready for the day a little less awful… I think the older I get the less I want to get ready for the day, so this helps just a tad. Anyone else hate getting ready for the day?!



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