Graduation Lei’s

It’s that time of year again where everyone is graduating. I decided a few years ago that I would make my nieces and nephews lei’s for their graduations. This year I did gumball Lei’s and I would say these were soo much easier to make then the candy one’s I did last year. Also my good friend Christi Ordered 50 million yards (or something like that😜) of this plastic tubing which made it so slick! She found it on Amazon, We still dont know what this plastic tubing is used for in real life, But for making gumball Lei’s it’s perfect, the 1.5″ plastic tubing fits the gumballs just right. I just stuck with flowers and leaf money folding this year, maybe one of these years I will learn something new, but for now those are my go to money shapes, My sister Nancy makes Ninja stars… Maybe I can learn that next year.

If you want to see how to fold the money in these shapes, check out my Lei making blog posts from last year.




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