New Orleans (Day 6)

Today we had to check out of our Hotel at noon, but our flight didn’t take off til 6:30 so we had the hotel hold our luggage while we went to eat one last time. We walked all over but ended up at Harrah’s Casino and ate at the Buffet. We got in line and the man in front of us had a 2 for 1 buffet coupon but he was eating alone, so the cashier turns to us and says,  looks like you two get a free dinner! What? That was a nice surprise! I was craving fried chicken, and corn bread all week, I think in my head that was supposed to be everywhere in New Orleans and I was sad when that wasn’t really the thing here, so to my surprise they had the best fried chicken and cornbread muffins in this buffet so I was pretty happy! No I didn’t take pictures, as the week went by I got worse and worse at picture-taking. After we ate we walked around and tried to find some souvenirs but there really wasn’t anything worth buying…Well that’s not entirely true, I did end up buying me a New Orleans Masquerade Mask, and Haden and Tyler a T-shirt but that was it.


I also learn what a Praline was on this trip… you see the only time I have ever even heard of Pralines is in Pralines and cream ice cream and I always just thought Pralines were just a candy coated nut.  Pralines are considered a Candy in New Orleans. These Pralines were all over the place and I wasn’t going to even try one because they look kind of gross until I actually saw one up close, They looked a lot like a No Bake Cookie in consistency so I was pretty excited about that. I really liked it, this one was a Creole Praline, it is kind of  a vanilla buttery nutty thing, it’s hard to explain, but very good, I would have bought more, but I was feeling pretty fat by then! LOL

Another fun thing that I noticed was there are beads in all the trees everywhere you go in New Orleans, I tried to take pictures of it but it’s kind of hard to tell in them but most trees were covered in them,  which normally I would think would look trashy but for some reason It works here.

Also another fun thing that happened when we were here… I always buy a few scratch off tickets anytime we are in a place that sells them because they don’t have them in Utah and I have a little bit of a love for it, so it is probably good they don’t… Anyway I bought $20 worth and out of the 4 cards only one was a winner but I won $50 so that was really fun!

So there you have it. our week in New Orleans. I would say we had a great time, and I can officially check New Orleans off of my bucket list of places to go! Would I ever go again you ask? Sure, but I don’t feel the need to,  well…unless it is to eat some of the things we missed out on like the Beignets, we had that on our list of foods to try, but we ate so much anytime we were near a place that sold them we just couldn’t imagine stuffing those in our faces, so ya I could go back just to experience those because apparently we missed out big time, and we also wanted to tour the plantations and go to the Bayou but we ran out of time, So ya I guess we would go back… But I would have to lose these extra pounds before that can ever happen!


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