New Orleans ( Day 5)

Today we decided to ride the Street Car to the Garden District. It only cost $3 to ride the street car all day, I wish we would of knew about this before we took our Hop on Hop off tour! That would of saved us about $70!! Live and Learn, seems like we do a lot of that! LOL We just rode it the entire loop just to relax and enjoy the pretty part of town. The homes are amazing and beautiful, it got us dreaming about owning one someday. They are the type of house you see in movies with the wrap around porches and iron fences, I fell in love with these old homes.




After our ride through the Garden District we were just standing there checking on our phones to see where a good place to eat nearby would be and some friendly local stopped and asked us if he could help us with anything, we told him we were just looking for someplace good to eat and he threw out all kinds of suggestions, but the one that sounded the best to me was a place called Sylvain, he had me with the way he described the Beef Cheeks, I knew I had to get those! He also suggested we visit Frenchman Street, he said that is where all the Jazz bands play and you have to see that when in New Orleans! So off we went to eat dinner and then head to Frenchman Street. We were so grateful for that friendly stranger.



I  of course got the Braised Beef Cheeks and Doug got the hamburger, This picture is terrible because it is taken after I had devoured almost half of it, it was so good I almost forgot to take a picture! it was so tender and juicy and the potato puree was to die for! Doug got the burger and he says it is one of the best burgers he has ever had!  and the hand cut fries were awesome! We are so happy we ran into that guy!

After another huge yummy meal we decided to walk over to Frenchman Street and check it out and burn some of this food off!





After Frenchman Street we walked back over to relax and enjoy some more music by the Phunky Monkey band on Bourbon Street. We really liked listening to them, and they are very entertaining too!


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