Yanny or Laurel??

Remember the whole blue or white dress debate? Well now it’s not our eyes that are messing with us it’s our ears! Haden had me listen to this yesterday and it clearly was saying Yanny… today I showed it to Doug and Tyler and again clearly it’s saying Yanny, Doug hears Laurel and Tyler says he hears both?? I’m like no way are you guys hearing Laurel and just like that I play it again and I hear it, Laurel!?! What the?? Doug is walking in and out of the room when I’m playing this clip over and over again and he says I hear Yanny now!?! What’s happening!?!  I really hate this stuff it messes with my mind, but the fact that I got to hear both makes me feel a little better cause if I didn’t hear it for that split second or two ( YES It went back to yanny right aftewards) I would  have thought you all were crazy!! …  But to this day I still have never seen the white and gold dress!  I think you all are smoking something! 😂🤣😜


I know there is a scientific reason why for why we hear it differently, I looked those up and watched a few different videos on it, but the only thing I took from it was it says if you are hearing Yanny, you have younger ears! Whoo Hoo at least something on me is still young! LOL

What do you hear???


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