Message Board

I have been loving these Message Boards lately and finally broke down and got myself one. I am not even sure why they are so cute, they just are. I was scrolling through some inspirational sayings to pick the perfect thing to put on my newly acquired board when I stumbled upon this one!


I knew It had to be my quote for the week.  I decided I would find different quotes and sayings and change this out weekly to try to help with positive and happy thinking in my house! Life can get a little tough sometimes and it doesn’t take much to sink into a little bit of depression, so Hopefully these  simple little quotes will help out just a little bit, if not for everyone else at least for myself!

Haden came home and said  “well this is new”… then he sat down and read it and said, “I needed that!” Yay! Weather or not he was just humoring me or giving me a hard time, I am going to take it as he likes it:)

I think I may start doing Message Monday’s and share my quotes for the week! What do you guys think?


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