Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I had an awesome day and I feel very spoiled and blessed! It started out going to church and it was the first time in a long time that I had  Tyler and Haden sitting with us. It is very different going to church without kids so I really enjoyed that.  After Church we made dinner and all of my kids where able to make it! Sunday dinner’s when we are all together is my favorite time! And what made it even more special was that my Brother in-laws from Hawaii were able to come and eat with us also! It was a great afternoon eating and talking with some of my favorite people!

My family also spoiled me with such cool gifts this year. Josh and Breecia bought me a Instax Mini 9 Polaroid camera, In Flamingo Pink of course! It is sooo cute and I love it so much I already used up my first roll of film taking selfies with all my favorite peeps!


Haden and Tyler got together and bought me a record player and a couple of albums! It was so fun listening to Purple Rain on Vinyl! I think there’s a theme going on here, I am going backwards in time and I am loving it!  My kids are the best, I love them so much!!


David and Jose greeted me with the prettiest fresh flower Lei straight from Hawaii that smelled like heaven in itself! I wore it all day, It made my day that much better smelling  like one of my favorite places all day long!



Doug really spoiled me, I had been talking about turning our guest room into a closest for some time now and he made that dream come true! He took me shopping and bought everything I would need to make that dream become a reality! I will have to blog more about that when It gets done! It’s my mother’s Day/ Birthday Gift and I couldn’t be happier! He also bought me a Minky Couture blanket! If you haven’t tried one of these you NEED to, they are the softest blankets you will ever own!

After Dinner we headed over to my parents house to hang with them and celebrate Mother’s day with my Mom, what a great ending to an even greater day! Most of my brother and sisters where there and we had a good time as always hanging with each other.

Over all I would say this was a Mother’s day to remember! Thank you to my family who knows how to make this girl feel special! I love you all!



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