Fight The New Drug


Today is my Niece Quincy’s 19th birthday and all she wants this year is is for people to donate to The Fight The New Drug cause. Here is what she writes…

“For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to Fight the New Drug. Fight the New Drug is my ABSOLUTE favorite because it addresses the unfortunate role pornography plays in our society with the purpose of educating people about the harm it causes and encouraging people to change and break their addictions. There’s no shaming or hate about it. All donations fund live presentations, informational videos, and any other means of spreading the word that PORN KILLS LOVE.”

I love that she is so passionate about this cause, even when she was a brand new driver at 16 years old she was sporting the PORN KILLS LOVE bumper stickers on her car. I am not sure I at that age would have been as confident or as out spoken about it as her, but in my defense Porn was not like it is today. I remember being a curious little girl and wondering what the opposite sex looked like naked, I am talking 8 or 9 years old and looking through a few National Geographic that my parents had on my coffee table  at home was enough for me. But that’s just it, kids will always be curious and sadly information is EVERYWHERE and they have access to cell phones, I Pod’s, I Pads,  and computers at the age of 1 or 2 now! All it takes is a few clicks when those 1 or 2 year old’s become 5 or 6 or whatever age they become just a little curious or worse when they aren’t even trying BOOM! But the Scary thing is they are not just seeing images of naked women and men now, they are seeing things that will make some grown Men blush! It is not the same as  when we grew up, not even close!  We need to stop it! We need to help the ones who have gotten caught up in it and we need to prevent it for us, our children, their children for the Future Generations to come! Please join me in supporting Quincy today on her Birthday and help her reach her very simple yet powerful goal of educating and helping those who are affected! Let’s Have LOVE KILL PORN instead of PORN KILLING LOVE!!!

Happy Birthday Quincy! Hope you are having a great day studying abroad in Europe today! 🙂 I am a proud Aunt! Thanks for being such a great example to me!

Click here to Help Quincy reach her Birthday Goal!



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