I Can Now Post Videos on my blog!


So I finally decided to update my blog to be able to share videos! I have been wanting to do this for some time now because sometimes things are just better with video! over the last year or so every once in a while I would say to myself I wish I could post a video  so I finally decided to update and Once I updated I was trying to think of a fun video to share and Of course my mind totally goes blank! But then I remember the little videos I took last week when I had that little bunny stuck in our window well.

here’s a little video I took of him trapped in the well. He’s just so cute!



When I finally decided I should probably get this poor bunny out of the well I decided to set up my phone and take a little video so that my hubby and boys could watch me get this bunny out in action and see just how brave I was! LOL well I never intended to share it with everyone, but it is pretty funny what I captured, so I am sharing… please excuse the dirty window sill, and my homeless look, I honestly never intended to share it with anyone other than my family but… it just makes me laugh… wait for it!



LOL who knew I would get such a good action shot of the little guy?  P.S. I look so slow because I am standing in between an empty bed frame and so I  had to watch my step! But that bunny was headed right under Haden’s queen sized bed and that would have been awful! So I feel lucky I got him when I did! LOL and  Yep I still look everyday and make sure he hasn’t come back,  I really liked that wild little guy!

Well I hope you enjoyed that little clip. I look forward to sharing more video and other crazy adventures with you on my blog!



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