Girls Trip 2018 (Day 2)

Cami flew in at 8:00 am, she managed to fly in and find us at the hotel with no problems. We planned on going to Sea World that day. Our Hotel package included our Sea World tickets which was a great deal. Sea World Opens at 10 am( my kind of hours) so we got to sleep in a bit and then took the Hotel Shuttle over. It was a little cold that day, but we got random spurts of hot sunshine too, I felt like I was taking on and off my sweater all day long, but it really wasn’t too bad. It was a Thursday and there was hardly anyone there that day! We didn’t have to wait in lines for anything. In fact we pretty much just walked right on the Manta Ray ride which was soo much fun, we totally wanted to go on it again and again, but our old aged bodies had other ideas… why do you get sick on rides when you get older? I got the biggest headache after riding it, not sure if it is all the twists and turns or the fact that I screamed the entire time? Whatever it is I am not loving it!


We had the best time just enjoying the shows, looking at all the different sea creatures and birds, well only the ones that were supposed to be there, not all the ones that wanted to attack me! Yes, I have a history of birds attacking me and these birds where no different, in fact all week I had scary bird encounters! Which reminds me, I also learned all about the Albatross this weekend, I had never even heard of this word before but Christi taught us along with a lot of other really smart words this trip! LOL



After Sea World we were sitting there wondering how we were going to get around that night, we did some online searching and decided it would be cheaper to rent a car then to try to get Uber cars for all 5 of us for the rest of the time, so we Ubered back to the rental car place by the airport and got ourselves a mini van :P! We went to Old Town and ate at the Casa Guadalajara and then headed to the movie theater to see the Movie I Feel Pretty.


We had some really good laughs during that movie, I highly recommend watching it with all your girlfriends and make sure there is a person sitting right behind you with a really good laugh, it REALLY makes the movie I promise! After the movie we decided to call it a night. What a really fun day!  Now you guys, You cant do all of this in St. George!!


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