Girls Trip 2018 ( Day 1)

I am so lucky, First that I have a group of awesome ladies who I would want to go away on a girls trip with, and Second that I have a husband who supports me and my need to get away for a few days every year! We have been doing this for years now and we have only ever ventured to St. George, Utah which is only a couple of hours away. This year we felt we have been there done that with St. George and wanted to go somewhere different but we didn’t really want to spend an arm and a leg either.

We got together for lunch one day and talked about a few different places we should check out, we also narrowed it down to the dates that would work for all of us but that was as far as we got. I went straight home and started searching because this is what I do best, I am really good at spending time doing lots of online searching and finding deals. Well the first place I decided to look up was San Diego. I found round trip tickets to San Diego for $116 for those exact dates and flying with Delta! I called up the girls and we all booked that day!  I still can’t believe how cheap those tickets were! I had just been to San Diego in January and our flights were at least three times that!!


We flew out on a Wednesday morning. Cami couldn’t come til the next day so we started out with just the four of us. Our hour and thirty minute flight flew by and we were ready to start our adventure! We picked The Dana on Mission Bay to stay. The main reason we picked The Dana was because we had read ( Christi and I ) that they had a free hotel shuttle to and from the airport and to and from Sea World so we figured we would just  Uber everywhere else. When we got to the airport we called the hotel to find out where to meet the shuttle and they tell us they don’t have one from the airport?! So we sat there for a minute debating what to do, do we rent a car? or just Uber? Well we decided on Uber and headed to our hotel.  Our hotel was very nice,  Our room could have been a tad bit bigger but overall we were pleased. It was right on the Marina.


We went to the front desk to ask about what there was to do around there and the shuttle driver offered to take us to the nearest beach, which we later found out was only a mile away. So we spent a few hours soaking up the sun and running our feet threw the sand and walking the board walk and of course we found a place to eat. We ate at a little Italian place called Luigi’s and lets just say, we were not very impressed and I was pretty sad I had wasted one of my meals there! Oh well live and learn. Kirsten and I got a huge giant slice of pizza, which looked really good but literally could have been a frozen Totino’s pizza, well actually that’s not true Totino’s probably would have been better! we were very disappointed with our choice!


After we ate we decided to walk back to our hotel. We got to our hotel and decided we should check out the Marina and the little shops around there to stock up on some necessities for the next couple of days. Right when we got done shopping we noticed the sunset and hurried and had some drunken stranger take a few pics of us:)


After all our walking and shopping we wanted to relax a bit and warm up by chilling and watching the Jazz game. We couldn’t find the game on our TV in our room so we ventured out to the hotel Restaurant and as luck would have it they were playing the game so we decided to order some warm cookies and milk / hot chocolate and watch the game. It was a great end our first day in San Diego!




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