Gold Collagen lip Mask

So one day I was in a crazy mood and decided to buy a bunch of weird-looking  things that I always hear about or see while on social media.( remember the makeup reading glasses? )😂 yes that was just one of the crazy things I bought that day. Another thing I bought was theses 24K  gold collagen lip masks!

What does gold Collagen lip Masks do you ask?

“not only does it hydrate and plump, the deep conditioning mask will 100% change your lipstick game — acting as a smooth primer for all your favorite shades.” Glycerin is a humectant which attracts moisture, and hyaluronic acid is a well-known temporary skin plumper. The oils and vitamin E will soften lips”

My lips have been extra dry, peeling and chappy lately, I guess that’s pretty normal for coming out of this cold winter season but I hate it so much. So what better time than now to try these out?!


I ordered these off of Amazon and they came with absolutely no instructions what so ever so I just ripped open a pack and slapped it on my mouth! Well the mask really  didn’t want to stay on my face while standing so I sent myself back to bed… while laying there I wondered how long I should even keep this on? So off I went searching the World Wide Web. Well I found all different opinions on this, anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour, so I decided on 30 minutes.


****First off I literally just woke up and rolled out of bed and I look horrible and the gold mask isn’t helping things either!! LOL I can’t believe I am even showing you all this I even used a filter to try to make it less scary and nope still crazy looking 😛

While I had 30 minutes to waste, I continued to read more and found out that the very first step should be to exfoliate your lips before putting the mask on… Doh… oh well maybe next time.  My lips started to get a little tingly feeling which had me a little nervous… What if I am allergic?!? I have been known to be allergic to other home beauty remedies… One off the top of my head that comes to mind is the time I put mayonnaise all over my face, well whatever is in Mayonnaise, my face didn’t like and I turned beat read and had a burn on my face for a couple of days! So Ya It was a concern for sure…  But luckily for me I was not, in fact I am  feeling like these didn’t do anything but maybe make them feel a tiny bit more moisturized, but plumper and fuller?? I’m not buying it! Maybe if i would have exfoliated first there would have been a bigger difference, or maybe this is just another scam? It’s crazy because there are people out there saying that their lips have gotten so much bigger using these! Maybe I got the wrong ones or maybe I need to do more to know? All I know is I have 4 more of these things and I will keep using them and think positive thoughts while looking like a total freak. 🤣

See guys I am someone who will try just about everything once especially when they make promises that seems unreal because I am a dreamer and believer and hope to stumble upon a miracle along the way.  I don’t have high hopes for these though but if anything it feels good and it’s nice to feel like your pampering yourself even if you look so ridiculous you can’t believe you are actually going to share the pictures here on the internet!


My before and after pictures…  these are not very good I couldn’t figure out how to take close-ups of my lips!  And seeing them this close gives me a little anxiety, I guess I do like being a little blind so I don’t have to see all these imperfections on the daily! But now looking at the side by side comparison I can definitely tell they are less dry!  So for now I am just saying these are a Maybe? Maybe they can help by  putting back some of the moisture loss in your lips, which in turn probably makes your lips look plumper but I don’t think these are actually gonna make your lips grow! What do you guys think?




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