Cara Cara Oranges

I really never paid much attention to types of oranges until one time years ago I needed to bring oranges to one of Haden’s soccer game, I was running late and ran into Costco and grabbed a bag, ran home and started to cut them and thought to myself, Uh OH I bought grapefruits or something because they were so much darker on the inside! I looked at the bag and it said Cara Cara Oranges on it. I didn’t know what that meant, I didn’t even know there where different kinds of oranges!!  I didn’t have time to get anything different so packed them up and off I went.  Halftime came and the boys were downing these oranges they kept saying how good they were. I was very curious as to why? So the next time I was at Costco I picked up a bag for myself to see if there really was a difference… Oh my gosh was there! These tasted so much better than a normal orange to me! Now anytime I see a Cara Cara Orange I have to buy it!! I looked them up online to see if they were worse for you because that seems to be my luck with anything nutritious I start to like, for instance I finally decided I like mushrooms and next thing I hear is don’t eat those, those have zero nutritional value! LOL Always my luck. Well I am happy to report Cara Cara’s are actually good for you! Maybe even better for you than a regular orange!

FUN FACTS from the Cara Cara Orange website:

  • Cara Cara Navel oranges have 20% more Vitamin C and nearly 30% more Vitamin A than regular Navel oranges.
  • I’m pink inside because of Lycopene, a nutrient you can find in pink or red fruits and vegetables (like tomatoes).
  • Oranges are one of the few fruits that will not over-ripen if left on the tree.

So there you have it. Most of you probably already knew about these yummy sweet things, but just in case I am not alone in my limited fruit and vegetable knowledge, I thought I would share!

***So I have never cut open my oranges like this before but decided to try it because I hate peeling oranges, I am so lazy, some days that is the only reason why I wont eat one  because it’s just too much work! In fact that’s pretty much the reason I don’t eat a lot of fruit in general, I hate to wash, cut and prepare it! I always say if I ever win the Lottery the first thing I would do is hire a personal chef! LOL!  But anyways I saw this orange peeling hack on-line and thought I would give it a try. while cutting into the orange like this made it super fast and easy… I will say I didn’t  like the way it made my orange look, not super appetizing, had I known that I wouldn’t have done this for my blog pics, but  again, me being super lazy and as you know hate to peel an orange was not going to do it again! 😛 LOL now you know that hack isn’t the prettiest one to do!  Your Welcome!

Better hurry and try these soon, these babies are only in season from December to May!



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