Wood Bowls

I was reading up on the list of  home trends for 2018 and one of them was this…

Natural Wood

“Natural wood furniture has always been popular but natural wood surfaces are emerging as well, especially the live edge look. In 2018 it might extend into the kitchen with bowls.”
This isn’t the first time this week I have read about natural wood bowls becoming a trend this year. Well let me tell you why this stuck out to me. You see my dad has always been a handyman, when he is not busy he is always coming up with a project for himself. His latest project/ hobby right now is making wood bowls out of old tree logs. Our Christmas gift from him this year was a one of a kind bowl that he made personally!  None of us have the same exact looking bowl. I love mine. It sits on my kitchen counter proudly. I find many uses for it also. It usually is the place I put my avocados or bananas to ripen. But even when sitting there empty I just love it. It could easily be used for candy dish, a place to dump your keys at night, the uses are endless and everything looks so much cooler in this bowl!
I’m sure the fact that my dad made it might have a little something to do with it, but now reading how wood bowls are probably going to be the next trend, it makes me love it even more, My dad is so on trend, in fact I think he started this one! LOL! Pretty excited to be ahead of the trend game and the fact that nobody will have a bowl like mine is even better!! Thanks dad for being so cool!
***Fun random fact about me. When everyone else was taking sewing and Home EC, I was taking wood shop! yep, little ol’ me and about 25-30 cute boys my same age… Ya I may not of looked very smart, but I had a class room of boys all to my self! LOL , I have always gotten along better with boys, It was probably my way of preparing myself for the future, little did I know I would be in a house full of boys, Now a days I am almost always the only girl in a room full of cute boys! Did I ever use those wood working skills you ask?? Umm.. nope, not at all, but I would say the things I learned in wood-shop helped me way more than a sewing class ever could! 😛

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