Quesadilla Maker

For Christmas this year Haden got me two gifts, One was a new double-sided waffle maker. My kids know I love Waffles but they rarely want to eat them so I was very surprised when he bought me a new waffle maker. The other gift was a quesadilla maker. I was starting to see a theme here, maybe I need help in my food making skills? LOL! I said something to that effect to him but he assures me that the quesadilla maker was just an impulse item. I am not the best cook, I will be the first to admit that but I can make a pretty mean quesadilla any day of the week! LOL I wasn’t too sure why anyone would need something like this, I mean really how hard is it to fry up a quesadilla? Well the other day Haden was hungry and asked if I would make him something eat. I decided to break out the Quesadilla maker and see what it was all about.

It is pretty much a snack master for tortillas!! it works pretty fast and the cheese melts great, I like how it makes evenly spaced triangles too, I only wish it would actually cut those slices instead of just sealing them up, but over all it was a fun easy way to make them. I only had small taco sized tortillas so the cheese did melt out the ends, I think if I had the right size tortillas it would have been perfect!

It must have been good because he asked for another right away! I would have arranged it on the plate a little nicer if I had known I was going to blog about it ;P  Oh well, I have never claimed to be a professional chef or blogger so it’s all good!

Finding a spot for all these kitchen gadgets is getting a little difficult, but I don’t care I love them!


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