Happy Birthday Mom

This past Friday was my mom’s Birthday. Big 74! She looks amazing for 74 dont you think?… We decided to get together as a family and take her out to her favorite restaurant Mi Ranchito. We had pretty much all of us there that live here. We must have had a good time because we totally spaced getting a group picture of all of us. I think I am getting too old to always remember the picture-taking part, I am not sure how some people are so good at that??? You would think with how many of us there, one of us would have thought of it?! Oh well I did manage to sneak a picture when they came over to sing Happy Birthday to her. My mom is the cutest! It’s not the best quality picture, but you can see just how happy she was! That smile says it all!


After dinner we all headed over to their house for cake and ice cream. We invited all of the grandchildren to come over and meet us there if  they could (it’s kind of hard for most of them on a Friday night). We had a pretty good turn out! Nancy assigned her kids to surprise her by decorating a little before we got there. Dawn offered to make the cake. She did a super cute cupcake flower arrangement cake. Something she found on Pinterest, I would say this was a Pinterest success, as most of the time when I attempt to do something like that It is almost always a Pinterest fail!

**Look how cute!

Again I didn’t take a picture of all of us. But here’s a picture of mom and all her flowers, and a sad random candid shot. Yep I was having a bad day that day, and I think I let it really affect my picture taking game 😦

Even though the pictures don’t really show it, I think she had a great day and I hope she knows she is loved by all of us! Happy Birthday MOM! XOXO


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