Diva Curl Low Poo

I have struggled with my hair lately, it seems to have lost its curl, not it’s frizz just it’s curl. I’ve tried all kinds of things. I started doing some research on this strange phenomenon when I stumbled across Diva Curl. I have heard of the No poo thing where you don’t actually use shampoo at all, i think you use Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda or something like that, I just couldn’t see myself doing that, I love the feel and smell of freshly washed hair! I realize the chemicals and what-not are not good for you, but I have been washing my hair with shampoo for 47 years, and so far, it hasn’t been an issue, well I guess that’s not entirely true, hence the reason I was looking online in the first place! LOL  So when I saw Diva Curl had a Low Poo Option I thought, maybe I should give this a try! So I jump in and buy not a small size bottle, but a huge 32 ounce bottle of The low poo Delight  Shampoo and the Deva Curl One conditioner along with the B’leave-in miracle curl plumper. I was set, I was going to get my curls back and be super healthy in the process, I was pretty excited to see how this would work. Well at first I thought I liked it but I noticed my hair going limp and lifeless after a few hours, then I noticed my hair feeling more and more greasy as the weeks went on. I don’t normally have greasy hair, I usually can go three or four days between washings. So this greasy hair was freaking me out, I was washing my hair more than normal which I hate, and that meant blow drying it more than normal which I hate even more! So after about a month of using them I threw in the towel! I shoved these in the closet and moved on.

I think I may have finally figured out whats going on with my hair. I mean I don’t  know for certain but it clicked one day when I was doing my hair. I used to have stick straight hair when I was growing up, right up until I hit puberty. So maybe this menopause thing is messing with my hair? I mean my hormones are all over the place why wouldn’t it affect my hair?? Oh well whatever it is, I am trying to embrace it. So If you see me looking off, be kind, it’s just me trying to figure things out! LOL… I did find a wonderful Shampoo and Conditioner thanks to my daughter in law, I will blog about that tomorrow:)

***maybe I should just rock the loopy braids agian! LOL

  1. So If anyone out there would like to take these off my hands you are welcome to come get them from me. I am serious I feel bad that these have been sitting here being wasted!  These aren’t cheap my friends, the Shampoo and conditioner each retail for $44 and the leave in stuff is $40!!  First one to message me can have it!! If you read the reviews online they all rave about it. Apparently I am an odd one, but we knew that already 😛


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