Happy Shoes

Back when I was in 11th grade me and a friend went to the local Goodwill to find stuff to use for our Halloween costumes. I stumbled upon a pair of Go-Go boots that I was fairly certain had lived a full life in the 60’s and as soon as I put them on I immediately got super happy, and I had to have them!  I wore those boots a lot, I called them my “happy boots”, Now remember this was back in the 80’s when Go-Go boots were not in style, now when I say I wore them a lot I don’t really mean I wore them out and about, but I put them on a lot and would wear them around the house. Whenever I was upset or having a bad day I would throw these babies on and for some reason they would just make me happy! I had these boots all through college and they even moved out with me when I got married, Doug must have really loved me because he didn’t run the other way when we were dating and I told him about them and their magical powers. I had these boots up until about 13 years ago, we were moving from St. George and I was trying to DE-clutter.  Around that time tall boots were back in style and I had even bought a pair that looked almost exactly like my happy boots that I would wear all the time So I thought My happy boots just weren’t the same now because they are actually in style and I did the unthinkable, and I threw them away!  I have regretted that decision ever since!


*** This is the only picture I can find of me and my beloved boots! LOL OH MY GOSH There’s a lot of going on here, my hair, outfit, make-up, face, and what’s in my hand? ….too funny!

I sure have missed those dumb boots, I know its such a stupid thing, but for whatever reason those boots spoke to me.

A couple of years ago I was out shopping and I spied this skirt, I tried it on and took a picture and text it to my sister’s, they both said I should buy it, it could be your new “Happy Skirt”! I was like yes it will be perfect! I bought the skirt and sadly…It just hangs in my closet with the tags still attached 😦  although just looking at it does make me smile, it just wasn’t the same.


Now fast forward to Monday of this week Nancy and Peter came by to drop off a box of shoes that her sister-in-law gave her to go through for her and her girls. Anything  that was left over I would put them up for sale in my Poshmark closet. Most of these shoes are WAY too big for me so even if I liked them I could never wear them. Well Tuesday I was going through these shoes and listing them when I spotted this pair of metallic gold  loafers with a dark greenish, gray hue to them. They were very strange-looking to me, but I had to try them on and something happened when I put them on…. I got HAPPY! Not only did I get happy, These babies fit me like a glove! I tried to be all sensible about it, I thought to myself, I will never wear these and I don’t need them, I will just list them. Well I put them back on my feet to take a few photos so I could sell them and again I got so happy! These shoes were telling me something… they were saying I am your new “Happy Shoes!!”  I showed Doug that night, he says, ” they look a little worn out” I told him not really in fact they looked brand new, they are just made that way. Then I put them on, it might have been the way I started dancing around, but he knew these were keepers and my new “Happy Shoes”!

That night while we were laying in bed about to fall asleep I was thinking about how and when could I wear these shoes? Well Yesterday I wore them to lunch, no words were spoken about them, but inside I was so happy! Who cares if people stared at me weird or If they thought I have poor fashion sense, these puppies are my new friends, everyone should have a pair of boots, or shoes or whatever it is that makes them happy! 🙂 I mean come on its hard to have a bad day with shoes like these on your feet! Just think of what the world would be like if everyone had a pair of Happy Shoes… World peace?…Highly possible! 😛

Am I totally off my rocker? Am I the only one who has such a thing? Please tell me I am not alone!


2 thoughts on “Happy Shoes

  1. I have always been this way about certain pieces of clothing or shoes. I still have a zip up hoodie i wore a lot through middle school and high school that says princess in big white letters. I also have a belt that says princess in silver studs. I don’t wear them anymore but every once in a while when I clean out my closet I see them and it makes me happy.

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    1. Oh that’s awesome! I am so glad i am not alone in this! LOL I say you should rock that hoodie and belt sometime!!


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