The Big Outdoors Expo and Jay Mohr

This weekend was really fun! We spent most of it at the Big Outdoors Expo. Last year Doug and I worked a booth in it so we really didn’t get to walk around and check it out, I definitely liked waking around and checking it out better than working it😜 Doug was born and raised in Provo so he knew just about everyone there, between that and running into all his old patients we had a good time just visiting people if anything! I wasn’t sure there would be much I would be interested in but they seemed to have a little bit of everything there. We even bought a few random finds, like these huge 40 watt LED light bulbs for our garage and some yummy seasoning rubs for meat that I’m super excited to try out. ( I will have to talk about those later)

Every year they have the Scales and Tails of Utah come and bring a bunch of snakes, alligators, turtles and many other creepy crawlers. My Friend Audrey and I even got roped into holding a snake😬 we both are deathly afraid of them so that was something  for the books for sure! Don’t let my smile fool you!



But the highlight of the weekend had to be seeing Jay Mohr. Tony gave us VIP tickets to his show which included a dinner and meet and greet with Jay before. We even got to sit and eat at the same table as him. What I love the most about him is how down to earth he is. Everyone was all scared to go up to him and ask him to take a picture with him so he stood up and announced  “we are here for a meet and greet and so please don’t come up and ask if it’s OK to take a picture with me, of course it’s OK, that’s why we are here!” I thought that was super cool.  In fact Shannon and Tony went to dinner with him the night before after picking him up from the airport, Shannon shared this story with me, I hope it’s OK that I share it😬. She told me that during their casual dinner conversation Jay kept dropping the “F” bomb. Tony knows that Shannon hates that word so he kindly asked Jay if he would not use that word anymore, he turned to Shannon and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t know, you should have told me” from that moment on he never used the word around them again! I thought that was super classy of him. In fact not only that, he was warned that he would be performing in front a very conservative, mostly Mormon community and to try to keep it TV appropriate while doing his show. I have listened to his shows online before and know he can get a little raunchy, so I’m not gonna lie I was a little concerned how this was all gonna go down😂.  Well, He did such a good job, he had everyone laughing and entertained while keeping it clean which was very impressive to me, there were a few moments where you could tell he had to catch himself, which again, made me like him even more, you could tell he was making a conscious effort, very class act.  I had all three of my boys there with a few of their friends and I never for a second felt uncomfortable or embarrassed having them there. It still blows me away to think that if Doug hadn’t spotted Jay out in the airport that day, none of this would have happened! I do believe that things happen for a reason, Maybe Jay Mohr needed to meet us?…or maybe we needed to meet Jay? Who knows?



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