Jay Mohr is Coming To Orem!

You guys remember back in January when our flight got diverted to Phoenix on our way to San Diego? We were waiting in the airport trying to get  to our weekend get-away when Doug spied Jay Mohr from over across the way, we being bored and the fact that I love taking pictures with strangers and celebrities alike, decided to go over and chat with him and of course take some pics. Little did we know that Tony and him would start talking shop and the next thing we know they are exchanging contact info!! and that my friends is how Jay Mohr is coming to do stand up in our very own little community we like to call Happy Valley! He is performing Saturday night March 10th at UVU!!


You guys need to hurry and buy your tickets now! It would make an awesome date night, in fact you should make a day of it. Tony puts on The Big Outdoors Expo March 9th and 10th at UVU If you really want to make your man happy, take him to the Expo Saturday and then head over to see Jay Mohr after! Come on your Man deserves it after the flowers and chocolates he gave you for Valentines Day right?  😛 Also Every ticket purchased to see Jay Mohr is also given FREE admission to The Big Outdoors Expo at the UCCU Center…Shhh… you don’t need to tell your man that though, he will just think you are being extra awesome!  So buy your tickets now and I will see you guys there! ***Don’t worry he promises to keep it TV appropriate 🙂


March 10, 2018


7:00 PM

30 Year American actor, radio-host, and comedian, Jay Mohr, brings a night of comedy to Lockhart Arena at Utah Valley University on Saturday, March 10 with special guest Riff Raff to close out The Big Outdoors Expo!



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