The Sundance Foundry Grill


Saturday night Our good friends Tony and Shannon invited  Doug and I to go out to dinner with them, they had made reservations at the Sundance Foundry grill. I’m not sure why I’ve never been here before?? I think not being a skier or snowboarder probably has something to do with it😜 I mean I have been to Sundance before,  but it is usually in the summer, I try to stay away from the snow and cold in the winter!  The building was a super cute old rustic log cabin type of place and I loved that we got seated right by the fireplace which added to the ambiance. It has a very warm and cozy atmosphere.  We ordered a couple appetizers to start, we ordered the Humus Crudité ( AKA fancy humus plate, LOL) and the tempura fried Artichoke hearts.  I have never been an artichoke fan but I figured anything with fried tempura on it can’t be all that bad… I tried it, it was ok, but you know it just tasted a little too vegetable-y for me, being that I am pretty much the opposite of a vegetarian.


**humus crudités  plate, I forgot to take a pic of the artichokes😬

Not to worry there were plenty of meat choices for the entrees. I had a hard time choosing between the black Angus Wagyu burger, the Filet Mignon ( my usual meat of choice) or the Short rib. I ruled out the Filet because I always get that, I ruled out the Short rib because it came with a pumpkin Purée, turnips, kale and pretzel crumb??… well that just sounded WAY too fancy for me! So that left the Wagyu burger, I’ve never actually had Waygu  beef and I’ve heard so much about it that I decided it time to change that, so I ordered the Waygu burger and I added avocado and bacon to it, I don’t think you can get much better than that! I also had a choice of fries, regular, garlic or sweet potato. I was tempted by the garlic fries ,they smelled delicious but I am pretty sure if I had ordered that, I would have smelled like a garlic clove for at least a week so I went with the sweet potato and they did not disappoint!, Doug ended up getting the Filet mignon and Tony ordered the short ribs, Shannon decided to get the burger as well, we had a good laugh when the food came out, our plates where twice as big as the guys!

**My plate vs Doug’s! 😂

I think I made the right choice lol! After dinner we ordered dessert, Shannon ordered the Apple Cranberry Crisp, Tony ordered some fresh fruit and Doug and I shared the vanilla ice cream with a side of chocolate, it must have been good because I forgot to take pics and when I remembered we had pretty much devoured them!

After dinner we waddled our overstuffed-selves on over to the Owl bar where we again got lucky and got a seat right in front of the fireplace and sat and chilled while people watching and listening to the live cover band. It was a nice relaxing much-needed night out.

**sorry terrible quality pics, my phone didn’t like taking pics in this place for some reason 😦

I think there must be a requirement to work up at Sundance and that is the men have to have a nice big burly beard, seemed like all of the servers had one ( well the male ones at least):P, but this guy I think won first prize for best beard in the house! Shannon and I had to take a picture with him, I mean just look at this….


Perfect date night… good friends, food, and music, you can’t get much better than that!


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