Riding TRAX

Can you believe I have lived in Utah since I was 18 years old and have only used the public transportation maybe once?? Sunday night my sister Nancy was talking about how my niece Abbey had procrastinated in turning in her application for a Scholarship that was due the next day up at the University of Utah. Since Peter is out-of-town and Nancy works full-time they couldn’t go with her to turn it in. Abbey was going to take the Front Runner and TRAX all by herself. You have to make a few transfers and it sounded like something I wouldn’t want to do all by myself when I was that age, let alone now, so I offered to ride up there with her.  I know what you are thinking, Janna why didn’t you just offer to drive her up there?  If I have to answer that question for you then that means you don’t know me very well, I totally have like a 10 mile driving radius that I will drive, I mean I can drive further but It is out of my comfort zone and SLC is one place I just refuse to drive to, I am not super familiar with the streets and there are WAY too many ONE WAY streets! Call me a chicken or whatever you want, that is just me, so deal with it. 😛 Also in my defense Nancy wants Abbey to learn the public transportation because if she does end up living up there she will be using it a lot.  So Abbey and I planned on riding up after one of her tests Monday early afternoon. I got a text from Abbey asking me if there was any way I could drive her because she had just found out her application had to be turned in by 3:00 pm that day. I told her I was a big chicken but if she needed me to I totally would. Well she then says we can still make it using TRAX so let’s just do that Phew 😅! So off we went on our adventure.

We hopped on the Front Runner in American Fork at 1:07 and took it to the station in Midvale where we took a transfer onto TRAX. We rode TRAX all the way up to the U. When we got to the U we had 20 minutes to get her application  turned in, we had to cross a busy street and go up a pretty steep hill to make it to the building, of course it started snowing right when we got off, we were freezing cold but we booked it and we made it there with 15 minutes to spare! We turned it in, high-fived each other and  turned back around and booked it back to the TRAX stop because we only had 8 minutes to catch the next train back so we would have time to stop in downtown SLC to eat before we had to head back because Abbey had to be at work by 6. We got lucky because one of the stops I noticed was super close to one of my favorite places to eat, Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery. We were so hungry, neither one of us had eaten breakfast or lunch so we were super excited to eat! Abbey had never been to Maxwell’s before so I was hoping she would like it as much as I do. We each ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza, we downed them pretty quick, Abbey wanted another piece so I took that as a yes she liked it 😛 and I wanted to show her the yummy Cookizza dessert ( a warm chocolate chip cookie with white chocolate chunks crumbled on top with a side of vanilla ice cream!), we had 20 minutes til our train was leaving so we ordered and asked for the check, we managed to eat most of it, Abbey took half of her Slice with her and we booked it and we made our train!


We got home around 5:00pm so Abbey had plenty of time to get to work. What a fun little trip, I am so glad I got to spend some time with my cute niece and learn how to take Public transportation. For a person who hates driving I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner? What a blast! I hope when Abbey gets her scholarship( ya I am pretty confident she will get it, she is super smart and if she doesnt get it shame on them!!) I hope she will always remember our fun little adventure 🙂




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