Sprinkles Cupcakes

I almost forgot, when we were in Disney Springs we noticed a Sprinkles Cupcakes (from Cupcake wars) and we knew we had to try it. I wanted to see what all the hype was with these things. It was a cute little pink building and the smell of yummy cake was in the air when we walked in so it really got me excited to try them. They all looked so pretty and yummy, I was so confused as to what cupcake to try,  and for $4.95 for a single cupcake I knew I only had one chance at this. Well I went up to the counter and asked for the Vanilla milk chocolate cupcake, the cashier told me that it was a cream cheese frosting so I panicked, I am not a huge fan of cream cheese frosting, (I know I am crazy), so I quickly had to make another choice and I wasn’t prepared, I asked her what her favorite one was and she said the banana one. Instead of taking her suggestion I asked her which cupcakes had butter cream frosting and she said the black and white one and without really thinking I picked that one. So my assessment of these cupcakes aren’t going to be a very good one because let me tell you, I love chocolate but chocolate cake has never been a  my favorite of mine. My favorite is white cake with chocolate frosting, I really wish she hadn’t “warned” me that the milk chocolate frosting had cream cheese frosting, because let’s be honest, I probably wouldn’t even have noticed it was a cream cheese frosting! What I did notice is that the white butter cream frosting wasn’t what I was expecting, to me it tasted like it had shortening in it and that is never good, but again, what do I know? I don’t think I have a very refined palate, so I really am not the best person to judge this. The cake was ok, I wouldn’t say it was the moistest cake I have ever eaten or the sweetest cake either. I say all of this but it didn’t stop me from eating the entire thing, so take that as you will. 😛


My sister Nancy and I both got the black and white cupcake, Dawn got the carrot cake cupcake and she couldn’t stop talking about how yummy it was, I had a bite of hers and it really was good  I mean for a carrot cake,( I would never pick a dessert with a vegetable in it) :P… I think I just picked the wrong cupcake under pressure. LOL  Nancy  agreed that it wasnt the best cupcake she has ever had either.

While we were leaving we spotted the Cupcake ATM, so Nancy decided to try it out, the funny thing is we had just finished saying how we were not impressed and how we could make a cupcake just as good if not better, but when you see this cute ATM it was very hard to resist. So Nancy decided to buy a couple from the ATM to take home to her family. It is funny because it costs  about 50 cents more to buy a cupcake this way.  I will not lie, it was very fun to do. You just place your order on the computer screen and swipe your card and a few seconds later your cupcakes magically appears in that second window, each boxed up in its own little cupcake box!


Nancy ordered the Banana one and the vanilla milk chocolate one, and I checked in with her to see if these had changed her original opinion… and she still sticks to her assessment that these were just OK, nothing special! So either we are just really good cupcake makers ourselves or we just don’t know what good is! I will say it was fun trying them 🙂  I am curious what others think, maybe we just don’t know what is good? I mean we all grew up eating the same food and maybe we really just know!??!! LOL



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