Disney Springs

The next morning we woke up early to take Ashley to the airport. Her flight was earlier than ours so we decided after we dropped her off we would go to Disney Springs and check out the food and shopping there to waste a few hours before we had to return our car and catch our flight.

I was pretty impressed by the size of this place! You literally feel like you are in a part of Disneyland without the outrageous admission price-tag. I love to shop so I could easily waste hours there no problem. They had a few stores I have never heard of before which always makes me happy. One of them was called UNI QLO. It reminded me of an H&M and I love H&M, actually I loved H&M better back when Utah didn’t have one, because I would shop there when I was out-of-town and knew nobody else would have it, now that we have one here, while I do still love it, it’s just not the same. So Now maybe UNI QLO will be my new place


We shopped, ate one last time and then finally had to  admit to ourselves that our vacation was officially over and headed back to the airport. What a great time we had, the weather may have not been what we were hoping for but spending this quality time with my sisters makes it all worth it! I hope we will continue to keep our sisters trip tradition alive because it’s one of my favorites💗



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