Cocoa Beach Florida

We had such a good time on our little cruise (Can you tell by that picture?) and we didn’t want to have to rush off the boat and head straight to the airport so we decided to stay one more day, we booked a night in Cocoa Beach so we could enjoy one last beach day before we had to get back to reality. Ashley lives in Texas so we don’t get to see her as much either so it was nice to get to spend a little more time with her before we had to part ways. We got off the Ship super early, I think we were off by 8:30 or 9 that morning.

** A little tip, If you lug your luggage off yourself you can get off lots faster than checking your luggage out the night before, I did that on my first cruise and what a pain it was. I will never do that again! I had two bags and I managed to get them off the boat just fine, I even had to take them down a couple of flights of stairs and it was not a huge deal.

Since we had plenty of time before we could check into our hotel we went out to breakfast, I finally got to eat at a Waffle House…It was pretty good, I am not sure why I have always wanted to eat there, it’s just one of those places we don’t have here in Utah and whenever we are traveling I see them and wonder what it’s all about. Now I know, cheap breakfast food with a pretty darn good waffle!


After Breakfast we still had quite a bit of time left so we headed over to the Ron Jon Surf shop. When I was little my parents would go to Florida a lot and would always bring us back something from Ron Jon’s I never realized just how big this one was til I was here to see it for myself, it is 52,000 square feet, this thing is huge! We had parked in a 90 minute parking spot we didn’t think we would need that much time there, but we spent every last second of that 90 minutes and even had to make a run back later for round two!  This place is open 24/7 I sure wish we had something like this here, I felt at home in this store, I loved it!


After shopping we went to see if we could check into our hotel early, Luckily we could! **Also another tip, go shopping at Ron Jon after you check into your hotel, our hotel key gave us an additional 15 % off our entire purchase! Luckily when we went back we brought our receipts with us and they still honored it! Whew! I hate missing out on a discount!

We then did a quick change into our swimsuits and headed straight to the beach. We stayed at the Quinta Inn and Suites Oceanfront, so we were right by the beach access and the pier.



Again not the best beach weather but we made the most of it. I sure wish I lived closer to the beach, It is my happy place! After the beach we went to find something to eat, we ended up at a Pizza place Called Kelsey’s Pizza, which believe it or not was chosen because my sister Dawn has a daughter named Kelsey LOL luckily it was good LOL, we all ended up ordering calzones, we should have shared them because they were huge! Then back to our hotel to chill and get ready for our travel day the next morning.


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