The next day we arrived at Freeport. We had no excursions planned for that day, our plan was to just get off at port and do some shopping and maybe see if there was a beach near by we could chill at. When we were making our way off the ship there was a Carnival worker selling last-minute excursions to the beach. This was the Beach Get Away which is normally $39 per person but they were selling these for only $19 because apparently the weather wasn’t that great and obviously they hadn’t sold too many, but we decided to jump on it because it actually seemed a bit warmer that day and to be honest all we wanted to do was lay at the beach this trip.

We got on a bus for a 20 or 30 minute drive to the beach. It really went by fast because the driver kept us very entertained while we drove through the city, he gave us all kinds history facts about the island. It’s always a good reminder when driving through these places that these islands arent all paradise and these people rely on us as tourists to survive.

When we arrived we were told we only had about 2 hours at the beach before we were to head back, so we really didn’t have a ton of time there. We were each given a chair and umbrella if we wanted it. The beach had some floating toys that you could swim out to and play on, there was food being served but I didn’t check it out at all. There was also little souvenir shops you could shop at if you wanted, we did a little shopping but it was a little awkward because they were all in these tiny little rooms, but I didn’t feel pressure at all from them to buy anything which I really appreciated. The beach was a bit rocky, it  definitely wasn’t  the best beach I have ever been to, but again it wasn’t a super warm day either and that effects how I judge a place I am afraid to admit.  But for $20 I felt like we got a great deal!

When we got back to port we were going to go shopping in the Straw Market again but again food and a nap was calling our names, I am not sure when we turned 80 years old but we did do a lot of napping and eating this trip! 😛 I gave my sister’s a hard time about this, but secretly I did enjoy my daily nap! LOL


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