We arrived in Nassau around 8 pm we were allowed to get off the boat if we wanted, but there were all kinds of warnings, like don’t wear any jewelry, or bring too much cash, stay close to the port, don’t eat at the fish fry under the bridge??… it all sounded so sketchy and since it was just us girls we were a little afraid, but since we had been on the boat for a couple of days we decided to get off and check things out anyway. We didn’t get too far, the only things opened around the ship were a few bars. We talked with the security guards and they acted like we were fine to go to the nearby bars, we walked around for a bit and talked with a few vendors trying to sell us a cab ride( ummm…. ya I don’t think so) or an excursion for the next day, all in all we didn’t feel extremely safe so we headed back to the ship.

Since our fun excursion was cancelled the day before and since we booked it through Carnival we headed down to the excursion desk and booked one for the next day. We picked a private Island getaway with lunch. We had to be down at the pier by 9:15 where we met all kinds of people heading to the same destination, some were doing a dolphin experience, some were  just doing a sting ray experience and others were just doing the private island beach day with lunch like us.  Everyone got a different colored wristband so we knew what group we were in. It was about a 30 minute ferry ride to the private island which seemed a lot longer because we were all freezing to death, the water was a little choppy still so it made for an exciting ride.


The beach was pretty and there were plenty of chairs and umbrellas for everyone, there wasn’t a huge beach area as the one side was roped off for the dolphins and sting rays and the other side there was a Beaches resort and we couldn’t go past the Beaches sign. There was a nice pool and private cabana’s that I think only one couple rented out so they pretty much had that whole area to themselves. There was a DJ playing 80’s music the whole time which I am totally fine with but hey I am a total 80’s girl, but I think some fun island music would have been better.



We had some pretty dark clouds but we were determined to lay out anyway, a few times  the sun did peek out through the clouds and it was amazing how hot it would get. But it never lasted long enough to get real hot.


Lunch was pretty lame, it was a choice of a hamburger or a hot dog, a small little bag of chips and a drink. If you wanted to buy anything else there the prices were ridiculous! I got a hot dog because I knew they couldn’t compete with Guys burgers on board, the dogs were equal to what you might get at Costco or Sams club.  Luckily I brought water with me because a bottle of water would have cost me $5, a snickers bar would have cost me $4, which I was tempted to buy because i needed something sweet after my hot dog and Cheetos LOL! I resisted and waited for my beloved soft serve ice cream back on the ship, we also found that the peanut butter and the chocolate chip cookies they have in the Lido buffet went perfect with the ice cream. I really don’t know how I didn’t gain more than 1 lb on this trip!

Over all I think I would go back to this private island, I believe if the sun had been out the entire time I would have been perfectly happy lounging by that blue water! I would definitely sneak some snacks and drinks in my bag to avoid paying for overpriced food though. Our ride back to the ship was the worst, it got super cloudy, windy and cold, we couldn’t wait to get off that ferry! We were going to do some shopping at the Straw Market when we got back but because we were so cold we made a bee-line back on board to eat and have a nap! LOL being cold takes a lot out of you! 😛


Here’s a picture I snapped as we drove past the Atlantis resort, I would love to check that place out next time if I ever go back.


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