Half Moon Cay

Our cruise had three stops, Half Moon Cay, Nassau, and Freeport. Half Moon Cay was our first stop and our only stop we had booked an excursion for. We booked a private cabana with shower, refrigerator, food and drinks supplied, lounge chairs, snorkel gear just to name a few. We were pretty excited about this excursion we headed straight to the excursion desk when we got on board to pick our cabana and our drink choices. We picked further enough away to be away from the crowds and close enough to the bathrooms that we didn’t have to hike a mile to and from. We were the first ones to pick so we felt pretty special.



So the morning of we had set our alarms and woke up in time to make our disembarking time, this port is one where you have to take a tender out to and from the island.  As we are about ready to leave our rooms we hear over the loud speaker that the water is just too choppy and we can not tender over 😦 What a huge let down! From what we had read this place was beautiful and we were most excited about this day!

They said we will continue on to our next stop which was Nassau and we would get there around 8:00pm that night, so we decided to make the most of our day. We tried to lay out until we got rained on, we ate, and ate some more, watched a few shows and ate some more, tried to make some homemade earrings, napped… we were definitely getting ready to get off the boat.



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