Bahama Cruise On Carnival Sunshine

When us girls were planning our big sister’s trip we had only a few requirements, one was that we went somewhere we had never been before, two that is was someplace warm and three the ship we booked had to have Guy’s Burger and fries and a Blue Iguana.

We chose the Bahama’s because it was one area of the Caribbean none of us have been to before. We also wanted to see that amazing blue water and bask in the SUN!  according to the internet…”The Average Weather in January in Nassau Bahamas. Daily high temperatures are around 78°F, rarely falling below 72°F or exceeding 82°F. The lowest daily average high temperature is 77°F on January 26.”  While 77 isn’t super warm we figured it would feel amazing compared to the freezing temps here. So of course last week while on our cruise not only did we happen to be there during a cold front which had us bundled up most of the time, it happened to be unusually warm back at home in Utah with temps in the high 50’s! What??  Just our luck!

Next lets talk about the Ship,Carnival Sunshine. I have only cruised on Carnival Cruise lines so I have nothing to compare it to, but I have found that If the Ship has a Guy’s Burger joint, and a Blue Iguana Cantina place you really don’t need to worry about anything else! LOL  The food on the boat is very important to me, I seriously eat a burger and fries everyday!  They are that good, and on this cruise they tasted even better than I remembered. You guys they have all kinds of other food, buffets, sandwiches, Pizza, Asian food, but all I ever want is those burgers! I am not even sure why they are so good, they just are!

The other thing that I love is the soft serve Ice cream/ Fro-yo you can literally eat that all day and all night long, it is opened 24 hours a day along with the pizza place. So basically I choose Carnival because I hear other cruise lines don’t offer their ice cream 24 hours a day, which to me is a deal breaker. 😛 Oh ya lets not forget my nightly Carnival melting Cake, yep I ate one every single night, without exception, they are the bomb! So ya it’s all about eating good, no diets while on a cruise!! I do make a pact that I will not take an elevator the entire time, as you know these ships are huge so you really get your steps in while cruising which works up that appetite.


The Sunshine over all was a great ship, there was lots of things to do. If you have a family there was lots for little ones to do to, which maybe we should have thought about because there was an unusual amount of children on this cruise.  They had three really big water slides, a water park, pools, sky course, basketball, mini golf, sports square, casino, shows, bingo, Karaoke, movies on the deck, adults only area and much more. I would definitely go on Sunshine again if I had to.  They even had these awesome hand washing machines where you stuck your hands in this machine and warm water sprayed and washed your hands for you, it felt so good, I was tempted to throw my feet in there, but I am pretty sure that is frowned upon. LOL

I think the more you participate and do the funner the cruises are. I also love cruises because it literally is a place I can let my hair down, go all day without make up and not care at all what I look like. If you go into a cruise with a laid back attitude the better off your cruise will be. I enjoy people watching, eating, dancing and relaxing all these can be done on a cruise ship and more!  I hear people all the time knock cruising and all I can think is maybe it’s you, not the cruise? something to think about 😛



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