Sisters Girls Trip

I have three sisters. We are all around 6 or 7 years apart from each other so none of us grew up super close, we didn’t share clothes, shoes or boyfriends. This may be why we all get along so well :P.

I can’t remember when we decided to start taking girls trips, but I do know it was back when my boys were just little. It started out as a girls shopping trip, we would usually go sometime in the fall and our main goal was to do our Christmas Shopping. This worked out great when our kids were little. We usually would go to California, Las Vegas or Park City. The older our kids got the less it was about Christmas shopping and more it became about shopping for ourselves. Then About three years ago we decided we would kick up our girls trip up a notch and take a cruise. We went on a cruise out of Galveston Texas, we had a great time but the weather was so cold and  the water was so choppy we couldn’t get off the boat, we only ended up being able to go to one of our ports! It was cold, rainy and freezing and while we had fun, we decided we needed a do-over on this cruise thing, but this time we were going to leave out of Florida and leave a different time of year to ensure good weather. So we decided in a couple of years we would go on another cruise. Well last week we took our second girls cruise ( three years later). We left out of Port Canaveral and headed to the Bahamas. We were very certain this time around we would be laying out and basking in the sun while everyone back at home was snowed in and freezing! Well I am not sure if we are cursed or what?  But We did not get the super warm weather we were hoping for, we even got screwed out of getting of the boat again at our first port! What? It was like DeJa Vu! While we didn’t get the exact trip we were hoping for we had a great time. It is always full of late night talks, being silly and laughing til we cry! I will be talking more about our trip and the different things we did this week! So stay tuned!



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