Coconut Nail Art Review (UPDATE)

I said I would review these Coconut nail Art things after I have worn them for two weeks. Wednesday was the two-week mark and they held up pretty good, not as good as when I do gel nails, but to be fair when my gel nails decide they aren’t sticking anymore I lose a whole nail where these seemed to just chip at the tips. So maybe that’s better? I don’t know? I also didn’t use these without putting a top coat on them, so I do wonder how long they would have lasted if I didn’t do that?


EW..I cant believe I am showing you my nasty nails! didn’t realize how bad they looked til I took pictures of them!

I decided to do my nails again, a different design this time and for some reason these didn’t fit my nails the way the other pack did? like these were too skinny for my nail beds, which is weird because they are the same brand? On the leopard print ones I didn’t even have to  use the biggest size, this pack I had to use the biggest for my thumbs? Very strange. They don’t look the best which bums me out because I don’t really have time to re-do them because I am going out-of-town tomorrow…. Oh well Lets see how these hold up to a week in warmer weather on a cruise to the Bahama’s! Yep super excited to get away with my sisters on a little trip! You’ve been pre-warned there will be lots of blog posts about it! 😛

There is a definite a learning curve to applying these things, These pictures make me want to make the time to re-do them before I go! UGH, that last picture is awful!… Oh well who cares right? Well I do, but I am trying so hard to not let it bother me, I am not perfect people and neither are my nails!



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