Noelle and Jonathan Get Married

My cute Niece Noelle got married this week, I know it’s an everyday occurrence around here in Utah to have young couples get married, but this one was my niece, and she is the same age as my baby Tyler and they just barely graduated high school a few short months ago! Kind of messes with my head a little bit. Not only that, she met and got engaged with Jonathan in a matter of weeks! It all sounds so crazy right?

Well it got me thinking a bit about marriage, some people seem to think you need to date for X amount of time before even thinking about getting engaged, and then you have to wait another X amount of time before actually getting married. While I totally understand the reasoning behind that, I mean you want to really make sure that person is “the One” but there is something to be said about taking a leap of faith and getting married right away.

It shouldn’t even sound weird to me when I hear of people getting married so quickly, Doug and I only dated three months before we were engaged and another 4 months before we got married, so we knew each other all of 7 months before we tied the knot!  Back then I didn’t think that was weird at all, but now looking back, we barely even knew each other! We were a little bit older but not by much, I was only 21 and I was about as mature as a 12-year-old:P (I might be as mature as a 21-year-old now, yep I am a slow maturer… Is that even a word?)

Here’s the deal, If two people have love, chemistry, same views and values and are willing to make a commitment to each other, the rest really is the same whether you are together for years before or just a few short months. Marriage is a huge commitment, and it is constant. There is always going to have to be some give and take involved and there will always be things that will try to test your commitment, that doesn’t change if you know someone 10 years or 10 weeks, It is something that you have to continually honor and respect. I literally believe “the one” is whoever you choose it to be, now some may not see it that way, and there is always those people who don’t show their true colors before marriage and for those people it will most definitely be harder. There is something so cool about being young and married, you literally grow up together and watch each other change and mature. It’s actually pretty cool.

I am so Happy For Noelle and Jonathan, and a little jealous of them as well. You see those were some of the best times of our lives, we were so happy and in love that it didn’t even matter to us that we couldn’t afford to eat three meals a day, or live in a nice apartment, or afford to go out to dinner or a movie, In fact they are some of our most fondest memories! I wouldn’t change anything about those first years! So who am I to gasp at young love?  Good Luck to Noelle and Jonathan and enjoy your many adventures to come!





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