My Cute Parents

Monday both of my parents had Colonoscopies scheduled and needed someone to drive them to and from their appointment. So they asked me if I would be willing to do that for them. Of course I would, they have done so much for me and my little family its the least I could do. I snapped a picture of both of them while they were waiting for their turn, have you ever seen two people who are about to be probed and prodded more happy than these two?? That’s what I love the most about my parents, they are so cute and happy all the time. I was a little nervous about after wards when they were all done and having to deal with crazy or loopy parents when coming off the anesthesia, But nope, they were just as sweet then too. My dad even started telling the nurses about how long they have been married and without skipping a beat knew the exact years, months and even down to the days that they have been married! WHAT!? What man ever knows this? Who I am kidding what woman does either? I know I would have to stop and do some serious math to figure that one out! What a great example they are to me of what a loving and caring relationship looks like. I sure hope the day that Doug and I are in our 70’s and married 50+ years and waiting to get our colonoscopies we will look as happy as these two right here!



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