Stitch Fix Box #4

My fourth Stitch Fix Box came last week! I was super excited because I really only said that I was loving the embroidered jeans lately and would love a pair and whatever else would go good with them. When I opened the box up I noticed right a away a pair of embroidered skinny jeans that I have pinned on my pinterest board and was super happy about that. Again at first I wasn’t too sure about the other items, but I did love the booties right away, what’s not to like about a cute basic pair of booties?

Here my style cards that came with them.  Right off the bat I was a little sad to see another taupe cardigan, it was very similar to the one I got in my second fix.


It’s funny because when I first try on the clothes I always think these don’t look right or feel right, but then I start to take pictures and realize that maybe I am learning what looks good on me all over, because I am always surprised at how much better they look on me then I think they do. My jeans while I think they are adorable, are a tad too short, My son informs me that this is the style and they fit just right, but they feel weird, maybe I can get used to it, If not, they will be perfect for spring and summer with sandals! They also don’t quite fit right in the waist, which has been an ongoing issue with jeans for me since the beginning of time. It’s nothing a belt can’t fix, but they definitely are not the best fitting as far as that goes. The sheer shirt was awful until I found a purple t-shirt I had and put it under, then I realized it wasn’t so bad, still a little too sheer for my taste, but It’s growing on me too. The gray sweater had me a the elbow patches, I am in love with anything with an elbow patch, I am thinking secretly I was a  grandpa in a second life or something. LOL I really love this sweater it’s so comfy and I know I will wear it a lot. And the taupe cardigan, while I really wished it was a different color, and at first felt like it was a little too big, but after rolling up the sleeves and pairing it with a t-shirt I realized I really liked this too, like maybe even more than my other one! Who Knew?? Maybe I look better in over-sized things? All these things I am learning about myself through Stitch Fix that I never knew before! I guess that’s why people pay to have a personal stylist. I have had the same Stylist for all four of my fixes so far, I am loving Hannah!

So I guess you can say this was another fun and succesful box! I find that I am reaching for my Stitch Fix clothes more than the other things I have in my closet, Which makes it all worth it! If you want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself click the link below, You never have to keep anything you dont want, it only costs $20 for the stylist fee, which gets deducted if you keep anything, and You get an additional 25% off if you keep all five items!



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