Pacific Beach

This is my last post about San Diego I promise 😛

Monday was our last day, our flight back home wasn’t til 6:45pm so we tried to pack in as much as we could. We first walked across the street from our hotel ( The Catamaran resort)  and walked the boardwalk on Pacific Beach. I loved every minute of it! Watching the waves crash, the people watching and browsing the goods in the little beach shops are some of my favorite activities ever! We made our way down to The Crystal Pier Hotel. What an awesome place to stay, there are little cottages right on the pier, You could even drive your car onto the pier to park right in front of your place! So Cool! I think staying there is now on my bucket-list! 4EDA7626-A3E6-462A-A98B-97FAF0DF7AE3



After our little stroll down the boardwalk we decided we had better go check out of our hotel. Speaking of Hotels, we didn’t get to even see all of ours but what a fun place to stay. It is a little older but I loved the grounds, so pretty and full of palm trees and ponds with ducks chilling everywhere, They even had a couple of parrots too! I definitely needed more time at this hotel to check everything out.

After We checked out we decided we better make one more run to Old Town for some more Mexican Food. This time we decided to try out Casa Guadalajara. While it was good, I am not sure I ordered the right thing, but we did order an appetizer that will have me going back in a heart beat, It was THAT Good! I think it was called queso fundido chorizo or something like that, and I didn’t even get a picture of it because I was too busy stuffing it in my face, it was basically a skillet full of real melted cheese topped with some sort of sausage and mushrooms and was served with warm fresh homemade tortillas, Yep my mouth is watering just thinking about it!  We also ordered some guacamole to go with our chips and salsa, I did get a picture of that because look how funny, it came out like a little face LOL!A1170BD3-EB8D-47D5-8CF8-F6B291017B55

After lunch we decided to walk around Old Town to waste some more time before heading back to the airport. Can you believe while walking we actually ran into my parents again?!? So crazy right? I didn’t get a picture, but we just turned a corner and there my parents were just sitting on a little bench outside one of the shops while my aunt and uncle were in shopping. So fun!

What a great little get away! I am so Thankful to Tony and Shannon for inviting us to party with them this weekend, we had so much fun getting to know them a little better, you never really know a person until you spend a vacation with them.  Our personalities seemed to gel nicely, it could have been a real disaster :P! I really enjoyed being with them… I sure hope the feeling was mutual😬. We had some crazy adventures that we can talk about for years to come! I hope 2018 is filled with more quality time spent with my hubby, family and good friends…so far so good!


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