Sea World All Day Dining

We decided we wanted to spend Sunday at Sea World. I heard there was a new thing called the All Day Dining tickets. Maybe it is not that new, but it was definitely new to me. I had looked online before we left and I noticed the All Day Dining was $89 per person. But we decided to just buy our tickets when we got there, just in case we had a change of plans or whatever. When we got to Sea World I noticed the All Day Dining was $109 and the single day pass without was $89. So we hurried up and jumped on our phones and purchased the All Day Dining passes online and saved ourselves $20 a piece! Score! I could tell this day was going to be good already, I always love saving money,  and what’s better than saving money? Eating for free of course!! So we decided the first stop had to be food, because we could get three items every hour. Yes we seriously had a plan to do just that, but of course with all the shows and the fact that we just couldn’t eat that much, we ended up only eating three times, but you guys, three times we had ourselves a full on meal, without having to reach for our wallets! We pretty much got our money’s worth the first meal we ate!

Now there is a few things that kind of sucked about it, You could only get one entrée, One side or dessert, and a drink every hour. Not every restaurant has this deal and not everything is included in the deal. But we found that it definitely was worth it. I would think it would have been even more worth it if you have kids with you.


I forgot to take pictures of my ribs at my second place, but all together I had chicken strips and fries, watermelon, Whale cookie, BBQ chicken pizza, mozzarella sticks, huge plate of BBQ ribs and fries, a cupcake, two waters and a coke. You Know I got my money’s worth! LOL  That being said, I didn’t think anything was good enough to write home about, and I probably wouldn’t have eaten that much if I didn’t have the pass, but it was a fun way to go, and I never would have bought that whale cookie, and it was probably my favorite of the day!

**Also a little tip, have someone help you put your wristband on, I put mine on by myself and ended up putting it on WAY too tight, by the end of the day my wrist was starting to hurt, I may have just been swollen from all the salt intake, but either way, have someone help you put it on. 😛


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