Sea World

I love Sea World and really any amusement park, but being in long lines, hot crowds, and making sure everyone is happy are some of my least favorite things about it. We got so lucky, we went to Sea World this past Sunday and the weather was amazing, it wasn’t very crowded and I didn’t have kids to worry about or making sure they are happy, so over all it was a perfect day at the Park. We hit just about every show we wanted to see, ate everything we wanted to eat (watch for tomorrow’s post about the All Day dining), looked at, fed and talked to all the different animals and was in a nice comfy 75 degree weather while doing it!

Sea World closes at 5:00 In the winter, so we went back to our hotel took a little power nap and then headed out to see the movie All The Money In the World( good movie but a little too slow-moving for me) then we decided to top the night off with another Trip to Rite Aid for another Thrify’s Ice Cream Cone! Yep I’d Say this was a perfect day!


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