Old Town and Mexican Food

Once We Finally got to San Diego, we picked up our rental car, checked into our hotel and then of course the next big important thing that needed to be done was to find us some good Mexican food! If you’ve ever been to Old Town, there is plenty to choose from. We decided on Cafe Coyote. After a pretty rough start, That was just what we needed to kick off our weekend get-way right. I believe we made the right choice, everything tasted so good, it was recommended we try the white cheese sauce and it did not disappoint!!

My parents happened to be vacationing in San Diego at the same time with my Aunt and Uncle, So who do you think we bumped into while we were there? Yep you guessed it! So funny that we would both be at the same place at the same time.


After dinner we decided to try to walk off some of the yummy food we just devoured and did some window shopping in the fun little shops in Old Town. After walking it off we decided we had better eat some more, because you know, we are on vacation! Anyone who knows me knows, I find me a Thrifty’s ice cream anytime I am in California, I have been known to walk miles and miles for the stuff. Shannon grew up in southern California too and knows of its goodness but Tony has never eaten a Thrifty’s Ice Cream cone before so He decided if we really think it was that good, he would get himself a triple scoop! I was pretty confident he would love it. Not sure how he did it, but he managed to eat the whole thing!

After our Ice cream we decided to take the Bahia Bell Boat Cruise on the Stern-wheeler boat.


We happened to board the later cruise, the cocktail cruise, which meant we got to do some really good people watching and listen to some old music being spun by a local DJ, maybe our age is  showing, but we all kind wish the guy would leave some of those songs alone, some classics you just don’t need to mess with😜 what a fun day, Our vacation may have had a rocky start, but we were making up for lost time!


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