Airport Adventures

About a week before the long weekend our good friend Tony called and asked us if we wanted to go away on a quick little get away. He was going to surprise his wife with a little trip to someplace warm. We searched and searched for a cheap last-minute trip to Mexico, but with so little time it really wasn’t worth it. So we decided to go to San Diego. First off Doug is not someone who will drop everything and go on a spontaneous trip like this, So I was super excited he agreed to go. We really needed this. Between his father passing away, a job change and Christmas, I feel like we needed some time to just relax together and not think about things for a minute.

Our flight left Friday night at 9:55, what should have been an hour and a half flight, turned into a mini nightmare. First about an hour into the flight the captain comes on and says that we can not land in San Diego because there was zero visibility because of the fog, so we were going to have to divert the plane to Phoenix and wait it out. Well that was a huge bummer, but we figured it wouldn’t be that bad, we would wait a few hours or so and off we would go. Well next he comes on to tell us he had more bad news. The plane flaps were not working properly, so we were going to have to do an emergency landing. I guess without the flaps working right the brakes can get really hot and cause a fire, so there was going to be fire trucks along the runway when we land to make sure everything was fine. He then says, because of the emergency landing, the plane will pretty much be broke after we land, which means we have no idea when we can get back into the air to San Diego!! Well Crap! So many thoughts going through my mind, will we land safe? Are we going to die? Is this what I get for going against the norm and taking a spontaneous trip??  Will we even make it to San Diego? What about our rental car and hotel rooms we have booked and paid for?

Well luckily for us the plane landed surprising smooth for having no flaps. LOL They announced that they were going to put us all up at a hotel for the night, so that was good news, well until we got out of the plane, we were almost the very last row of the plane which put us at the very back of the line:( I have decided that airport workers only move at two speeds, slow and extra slow!!!


Good news is when you are one of the last ones to get your hotel voucher, the better the hotel, so we ended up getting a really nice room at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort right on the golf course. Too bad we had to be back at the airport by 9:30 the next morning to even get to enjoy it or even really see it for that matter, we didn’t roll into the Hotel until 3:00 AM!!  with another line to wait in of course!home1

When back at the airport, it seemed like they had never dealt with this type of thing before, re-checking in and going back through security took way longer than it ever should, so back to waiting in long lines and dealing with super slow airport workers. We finally get in and we have about a half hour to grab some breakfast before we were supposed to board our plane to finally get to our vacation…. Well of course they announce that the repairs are taking longer and our flight is delayed another couple of hours! Wait, What? First we have to get back on the broken plane and second, another couple of hours! If only we would have known we could have slept more or laid out by the pool in our fancy hotel while we were waiting!! UGH!!



*This is us, before we found out we still had hours of waiting to go. LOL!

While waiting Doug happened to spot Jay Mohr, (actor and comedian) sitting across the terminal from us. So we sat there for a while watching him sit all by himself and decided he probably needed some friends to talk to and who better than us right? LOL I really just wanted to get a picture taken with him, because I love getting pictures with people, famous or not, if they are interesting I want a picture with them! So we finally get the courage to go up to him…OK Tony went up to him first to see if he would take a picture with us girls. He waved us over and he was surprisingly super nice, he totally just talked to us like we were friends. I assumed he was all alone sitting on the other side of the terminal from everyone because he didn’t want to be bugged, but if that was the case, you would have never known it.  Doug stayed back to watch all of our luggage, when he asked where my husband was, we told him that he was the one who spotted him, he picked up his bag and said well let’s go talk to him. So he walked over to where we had been sitting and shot the breeze with all of us for probably 30 minutes until his flight was ready to board.  He was very easy to talk to, Tony even got his contact info and is currently working on getting him to do a stand up concert in Utah in March!


We finally got to board our plane around 1:30. We had quite the adventure getting to San Diego, but we made the most of it, made a new friend, and have a story to tell, so It is all good!


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