Coconut Nail Art

I love Gel nails and have been doing that for years, but I am not creative or artistic  enough to make a design or pattern so I was looking for a way to spruce up my manicure game when I spied these fun looking Coconut nail art packages at Wal-Mart. I have tried the Jamberry Nail wraps before and I didn’t really like them or how I had to use a blow dryer to get them on, they seemed a bit thick and I was not very good at applying them. But when I saw these Coconut nail art things they said they were made with real nail polish and could be removed with nail polish remover, I thought I would give them a try.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these were to apply. They are super thin which I like but I was afraid they wouldn’t last very long, so I did put a coat of clear gel top coat over them to make sure they would last longer than a few days. Its only been three days, but so far so good! I am hoping by using these I can get my real nails in better health, years of gel nails and just piling the polish off instead of correctly removing them has played a toll on my nails.  I will update in a few weeks to see if I am still impressed or not!

Each pack costs just under $5 and they come with 12 double-sided strips. I was able to do both hand with only 5 strips, I used both sides of one strip to do both hands. It may be because I just cut my nails shorter than usual, but I was pretty happy about the fact that I could get more than one manicure per box. I then read that once the package is opened you need to use immediately because the strips will dry out. What a waste! So of course I am not going to waste if i can help it, so I do some searching online and I find that people are just putting the unused portion back into the clear package they came in and sealed the package back up using a flat-iron or curling iron. So I tried that out and what do you know? It worked….well at least I think It did, I guess I wont really find out until I open it up again to see if they are dried out or not, but so far it seems sealed back up to me! pretty excited about the potential to have fun cute nails that are so easy to do!



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