New Years Resolutions

Everyone is always thinking of ways to better themselves and The New Year always seems like the perfect time to start. I have made so many New Year’s Resolution’s over the years and it seems there is a common theme among them, eating better and exercising more. Blah, Blah, Blah… You’d Think by now I would be a pro at both of those things. Well I am not, and probably will never be, because lets face it, I like to eat, not just any food…Junk food is my food of choice, I hate vegetables, I struggle to gag them down, and I hate exercise,so yes, food  and exercise will always be a problem for me, so to waste another New Years Resolution on something I will always have to work on seems pointless.

One year probably 15 years or so ago Doug and I decided to make Hugging a New Year’s Resolution. I know that seems like a weird one, but I used to be extremely uncomfortable hugging freely. It just didn’t come naturally to me at all, I don’t think either one of us grew up in extremely huggy (is that even a word?) homes. Every time I would meet someone new who was a hugger I realized that I liked the way I felt around them, they always seemed like happier people and It just made me like them that much more. I decided I wanted to be one of those people. So that year we threw a New Years Eve party at our house and we decided we would hug everyone who came over that night. It was kind of awkward at first, and we totally told everyone why we were hugging them because we didn’t want to freak out our friends. LOL  I will say this is one resolution that has changed me and I still do it to this day. I am a hugger (pretty sure this isn’t a word either) now! I have no problem hugging perfect strangers when I meet them, I hug my parents more freely now, my kids, you name it, and I will say it probably was the best new year’s resolution I could have made for myself.

So this year I as I was trying to think of things I want change about myself that doesn’t involve starving myself or going to the gym, I got this weird idea when we were watching a Michael Jackson video during Christmas Break, I wished I knew how to moon walk. I am totally UN-coordinated and dancing has never been a strong suit of mine. So I thought wouldn’t it be fun to try to learn to moon walk? And wouldn’t it be cool if I took a new dance each month or so and focused on learning it? I mean who doesn’t like a hugger who can bust out a dance move or two out on the dance floor? LOL  I don’t know how good I will ever get, or if I will ever actually use them, but I think this year I will try to learn how to dance. Hey I believe that even covers the exercise thing too, because knowing me it will take me twice as long to learn any move, so I see hours of awkward moving around in my future! So If the next time you see me and I’m gliding backwards effortlessly across the floor, you’ll know I stuck to my resolution! What’s your New Years’s Resolutions?

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